Why I Shoot Boudoir

As many of you know, we just launched our new page Simply Gorgeous: Boudoir&Glamour. This page was strictly for our boudoir and glamour clients that wanted their images showcased just like our other clients. After posting a few sessions from this weekend (which absolutely rocked!) we received many new fans and “likes”. There were many mother/daughter glamour sessions posted DSC_8430and the feedback was phenomonal. Everybody loved the precious images. We also posted a teen glamour; the response was also positive. But, after posting a few boudoir sessions late last night, I woke up with an assortment of mixed reviews. Some of you enjoyed them and found them great, other’s were not so enthused. So for now, I’ve deleted the Simply Gorgeous: Boudoir&Glamour page. Now, I didn’t delete this because I let those negative comments get me down, or because I felt like a bad person for posting them. I removed the page because I’m an adult. And being adult means responsibilities. I’m an 18 year old business owner, getting ready to move into college and I should not have to take time and delete negative comments on images that have been posted.
 It’s art. Boudoir photography is a way to express the beauty of women in an art form. I shoot boudoir because it makes women feel powerful. It gives these ladies a sense of well-being and makes them feel beautiful. As a viewer you do not know the reasons why these women come for a boudoir session. 99% of the time they aren’t coming just to show off their new lingerie. No, these women are coming to celebrate and document this moment in their life. Women who have been struggling and are happy with their achievements book boudoir sessions. Other times women come in to help overcome something in their lives’. What if she’s lost or gained a remarkable amount of weight and wants to celebrate that? She’s just overcome an eating disorder, who are you to belittle her images on social media sites? Before her session she’s never felt beautiful. After her reveal session she finally feels like a new woman and feels comfortable in her own skin. Who are you to taunt her for posting her images on social media?
Well, we covered that a bit in the previous paragraph. Women come in for sessions for numerous reasons. It’s such an incredible expeirence for these women. The pampering, the laughing, the entire transformation from low self-esteem to feeling beautiful is such an amazing gift I am able to offer. A previous client once said “I finally feel pretty! I honestly think you’ve helped me overcome my mental illness”. That statement alone is a gift to not only the client, but to me as the photographer.
Maybe that title sounds a bit harsh, but it’s true. Why should your opinion of these women matter? They are doing this to celebrate their inner beauty that radiates on the outside, too. It’s not YOUR body and it’s not YOUR images. If you don’t like them, scroll on by. Nobody is making you look at them. “It’s innapropriate for social media”—Really? You know what’s innapropriate for social media, all of the drama and hatred that goes on! These ladies are posting images for a celebration and a declaration of happiness. Nothing negative should be associated with their boudoir session. They aren’t degrading another race, they aren’t dealing with political issues, they are simply modeling. Speaking of modeling… For one day these women get to break out of their everyday lives. They get to try on a new skin and see what if feels like to spread their wings. As a model, they are acting as a new character. What’s the difference in modeling in a boudoir session and an acctress acting in an R-rated movie on television? And the majority of the images they’re wearing the same amount of clothing as a bikini. The actress on TV isn’t getting told to “put some clothes on” or “keep these for private”. No, the actresses are getting paid thousands of dollars for those scenes. When these women aren’t trying to make money, they’re just celebrating their true beauty.
Actually, no I’m not. Each session posted online has signed a release waiver and has agreed to let their images be posted. I would never post an image without the model’s consent.

So, I hope this gives you some insight as to why I shoot boudoir. The women don’t do it for negative attention. They are strong, beautiful women who deserve to celebrate. Please remember when seeing boudoir images that you do not know the whole story and you do not have the right to belittle these gorgeous women!

One thought on “Why I Shoot Boudoir

  1. I think it is great that you are doing this! Ms. M is my daughter in law and she had fun and it gave her a boost to her self image. Anytime you can make a person feel good about themselves it is great!!!

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