World Breastfeeding Week | Southern Indiana Photographer

Tonight was absolute perfection. I met 8 amazing mommas and their precious babes. As the sun was setting and the day was dwindling, together these mommas provided nourishment and an abundance amount of love to their little ones. It was so soothing to see our community come together in a safe and encouraging place for these mothers to feed their littles. We’re just a small town with big dreams and hopes to help #normalizebreastfeeding. Now, take a look at how STUNNING these women are! Happy World Breastfeeding Week! 🙂 2015-08-07_0016.jpg2015-08-07_0001.jpg 2015-08-07_0002.jpg 2015-08-07_0013.jpg 2015-08-07_0003.jpg 2015-08-07_0009.jpg 2015-08-07_0006.jpg 2015-08-07_0004.jpg  2015-08-07_0008.jpg 2015-08-07_0005.jpg 2015-08-07_0014.jpg 2015-08-07_0015.jpg 2015-08-07_0010.jpg 2015-08-07_0012.jpg  2015-08-07_0017.jpg

2 thoughts on “World Breastfeeding Week | Southern Indiana Photographer

  1. I LOVE this!!!! I completly forgot the date for this so I didn’t get to join. Have been thinking of getting this type of picture done though!! I take pictures of them myself and the most precious ones are of them nursing. They are so at peace and joyful. Hoping this picture helps others realize how precious these moments are and the connection that moms have with their babies is wonderful. #normalizebreastfeeding#

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